About us

Sinashargh Profile Industries Company

Sinashargh steel Profile Industries Company was founded in 2001 and started its pursuit as the biggest producer of industrial products of pipes, rectangular ptofiles, profiles and industrial parts in the east of the country on a land area of six hectares.




Sina-Shargh Company has scheduled and acted in order to achieve its short-term goals in progress and trade, scientific and technological, industrial and economic participation and long-term goals for international participation. In addition to following the principles of international trade and commiting to the laws and regulations of each country’s trade, the company is obliged to keep customer ‘s secrets and provide services based on the principles of customer orientation. In order to accomplish the organizational mission, it is committed to increase customer satisfaction constantly by providing the desired quality, compliance with standards, punctual delivery, innovation and competitive prices, as their strategic partner and emphasizes it.


• Consumer orientation •

To understand the needs and desires of the market, we always see things from the customer’s point of view. In designing and improving our services, customer ‘s needs are a priority.


• Lucidity •

We always operate by reducing complexity and valuing simplicity and transparent communication between the company and customers.


• Responsibility •

We always take the responsibility for shortcomings and take steps to compensate and constantly improve them. We always try to come up with solutions to the problems we are aware of.